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Faye takes our small group Strength Classes, Reformer Pilates as well as 1:1 coaching. Faye is a qualified Breathe Education Instructor and has been teaching Pilates for 3 years and coaching for four years. Faye encourages all of her clients to have a variety of movement in their programming to achieve optimal results. Faye has a love of lifting weights, she has competed in two powerlifting competitions over the last 8 months and loves how Pilates compliments her training.


Faye has competed in many different sports from a young age over the years. First Dancing, then competitive swimming and Netball at a state level. Faye sustained injuries through netball and running as well as pregnancy, which sparked a fascination of the human body. No one size fits all and that’s why she loves it. Every one body responds differently to another and this is what makes us so unique. Faye has a very holistic approach to Health & Fitness


Her education and experiences have gained a sound knowledge of the human body and the ability to adjust movements swiftly to suit each individual. Faye can have you sweating bullets one minute with the constant flow of her classes then have you reconnecting with your body and mind the next.


Faye is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, has a Diploma in Clinical Pilates through Breathe Education and Diploma in Health & Fitness via SAGE Institute


Tony Merrick is our Head Coach, a mentor and brings a wealth of knowledge about Strength and Conditioning as well as rehabilitation and optimal movement for better results. You will find him on the floor taking some of our strength classes, 1:1 coaching for both members and staff while working closely with our Allied Health Professional to get our clients to total human optimisation.

Tony is a qualified Chek Institute Practitioner, along with holding an array of other qualifications in and around the health & fitness industry. Tony prides himself on having an ability to help anybody make the hard seem simple and achievable in regards optimisation, he's always stating...' To get better we first have to try!'



Jess is Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor who brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and fun to what she delivers.
For as long as Jess can remember her life has revolved around Health & Fitness and the benefits she has experienced from this lifestyle is second to none. 

She believes movement is the best form of medicine and that fitness should be fun, goal orientated and challenging. 

One of Jess’s favourite things about health and fitness is the community that it creates. 

Jess can be found in the Pilates studio, instructing reformer classes and on the gym floor coaching strength and conditioning classes, group sweat sessions and 1:1 personal training. 


Being involved with sport my whole life, I have developed a passion for wellbeing and physical improvement and now I pursue coaching those who wish to undergo the same journey. When I am not helping people reach their physical and mental goals I am continually seeking and improving ongoing education. I also volunteer as a Little League baseball and basketball coach in my spare time.


My qualifications include:

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Provide CPR and First Aid

Cert II in Sport Coaching